Cisco ASA FirePower License Activation

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Make: Cisco
Model: 5500-X series with Firepower
Mode: GUI
Description: This article is to descirbe and show, how to activate licences [TAMC, AMC, TMC etc] of Cisco ASA FirePower.

Step1: Download the licenses from Cisco Licensing Portal. Use the link attached below to login to the portal 
If someone does not has a Cisco username and password, please create one by clicking “Create a new account

Note:If anyone is facing issues downloading licenses from Cisco Licensing Portal it is advisable to get
in touch to Cisco Licensing Support Team by sending them email with PAK, License Key of the Firepower
unit and Order Number at

Step2: Download the purchased licenses from the Cisco Licensing portal or get it by Cisco email support. In both cases, we would need to share the Licence Key of the Firepower. To get the License Key of Firepower follows the steps shown below.

Obtaining License Key Of Firepower

Step2(a): Login to Cisco Firewall using username and password.

Step2(b): Once logged in to the firewall, ensure that Firepower is loaded. To check and confirm the status of FirePower, check the left bottom of ASDM to ensure “ASA Firepower Configuration” tab is available as shown below in the picture.

Step2(c): Follow the steps to get License Key of FirePower.

Configuration => ASA Firepower Configuration => Licenses

Step2(d): Click “Add New License

Step2(e): Copy the License Key as shown below

Note: If ASA is in high availability mode [Fail-over Mode] license keys of both ASA units
will be required to download the licenses tagged with respective license key. The process of getting
license key of other ASA unit will be the same as shown above.

Activating Licenses Of FirePower

Step3: When purchased licenses are downloaded from Cisco, follow the steps 2(a) to 2(e).

Step4: Copy and Paste the License in the box and then click “Submit

Note: Each license is associated with the respective FirePower License Key. Please match the License
key before adding License to Firepower else it will prompt an error of mismatch.

Step5: Click “Return to License Page” to ensure the required licenses are there with validity details.

If you planning to re-image or upgrade the software of the ASA SFR module refer to the article to know how to Re-image ASA SFR Module. Please note if you re-image the SFR module or upgrade the module image you would need to activate the licenses again.

Source: Knowledge Base, Lab, Cisco


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