Factory Reset Ubiquiti Unifi Access Point

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Make: Ubiquiti
Model: Unifi Access Point [UAP-nanoHD]
Mode: CLI & GUI
Description: This article is about how to Factory Reset Ubiquity Unifi Access Points. There are many ways to reset the access points to factory-default. Few are mentioned below.

1. Physical Reset

Physical reset is the most common and simple method to reset the access point to the factory default settings. For physical reset, we would need a small metal pin [Mobile’s SIM tray pin will work]. Below are the steps of Physical Reset

Step1: Locate the reset button at the back of Unifi Access Point [nearby the ethernet port labelled as “RESET“]. As shown below in the image.

Step2: Keep the Power or PoE cable connected
Step3: Press gently [Do not apply a lot of force] and hold the reset button pressed using the metal pin for 10 seconds.
Step4: Release the button after 10 seconds and Unifi LED will stop glowing.
Step5: Access Point will reboot [do not disconnect the power or PoE cable] and LED will come back.
Step6: Access Point has been reset successfully.

2. Debug Terminal Reset

An access point can be reset using the debug terminal on the Unifi controller. Though this is not available with all models or firmware of Unifi. But still, a good and easy feature to restore the access point to factory default.

Step1: On the controller, navigate to devices and then select the access point that needs to be reset
Step2: Click “Configuration” in “Properties” and then navigate to “Manage
Step3: Find Debug Terminal at the bottom
Step4: Paste the command syswrapper.sh restore-default and hit enter to execute the command

3. SSH Reset

SSH allows us to remotely reset the access point. With SSH we do no need to take off the access point from the roof or do a reset physically. It just needed a connection to access point over the network to SSH into it and execute a command.

If you are having issues in doing SSH into Unifi access point please follow the steps of SSH Ubiquiti Unifi Access Point. If you do not have the password you could try with Unifi Default Username Password.

Step1: Ping and ensure access point is reachable which needs to reset
Step2: SSH into access point using username and password
Step3: Paste the command syswrapper.sh restore-default and hit enter to execute the reset process

login as: admin
admin@'s password: password

BusyBox v1.25.1 () built-in shell (ash)

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Welcome to UniFi UAP-nanoHD!

edledge-ap-BZ.5.43.19# syswrapper.sh restore-default
Clearing CFG ... [%100] done!

Step5: As soon as Clearing CFG will reach to 100%, the access point will get reset to factory default.
Step6: The access point will reboot to complete the reset process.

Any of the above-mentioned methods can be used to reset the unify access point to its factory-default settings.

Source : Knowledge Base, Lab, Ubiquiti


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