Receiving Unwanted Google Account Verification Code?


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Out of a sudden, have you started receiving messages from Google containing a Google account verification code and you never asked for it? Worried? You must be. It is really strange to get a Google verification code SMS on your registered mobile number when you have not requested it, as shown below.


Yes, it is strange but not uncommon nowadays. We all are used to and depend on Internet services for many things. Internet services make our lives easy but it invites so many risks and those should be taken care of with seriousness.

How/Why does it Happen

It generally happens if someone is trying to access your Gmail or Google account. If someone is trying to access your Gmail/Google account then he would need to reset the password and for the new password, you would need a code to verify it’s you.

Since it is not difficult to know the email address of anyone, Any random person could try to reset your password


After this, Google will take you to the reset options, where your registered phone number can be seen and the Google verification code will be sent out.


What Should you do?

Follow the steps mentioned below to make your account secure and ensure that is it not being misused.

1. You must Enable Two Factor Authentication On Gmail/Google Account to make it more secure. Click the link to learn how to enable two-factor authentication on Gmail/GoogleAccount.

Enable Two Factor Authentication On Gmail Account

2. Check your account activity. Log out to all other devices which are not in use. Follow the screenshots shown below.


Check your account activity and the device which has your account logged in


3. Report to Google if you find any suspicious activity. They will take appropriate action.

4. Change your password

Receiving an unwanted Google verification code does not mean your account is compromised but yes someone either knowingly or unknowingly is definitely trying to access your Google account. Ensure to protect your account by following the security tips mentioned above.

It is always good to keep checking the status of your Google or Gmail account if it is safe and not exposed to the internet.

Is your Google account exposed to the Dark Web or Internet?

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