Enable Two Factor Authentication On Gmail Account


Google has announced in May’2021, the Two Factor [2-Step verification] authentication will be mandatory for all users by the end of the year 2021 and now it has been implemented from 9th Nov. It implies to all Gmail users and the 2-Step verification is mandatory now. There are options provided to opt for the Two Factor [2-Step verification] authentication like authentication through SMS or via mobile authenticator. As soon as you will log in to your Gmail account you would be asked to provide Two Factor [2-Step verification] authentication. This change has broken the Microsoft Outlook connection with Gmail.


Since it is mandatory now to enable Two Factor [2-Step verification] authentication on Gmail, here we will discuss how to enable 2-Step verification on Gmail.


Follow the steps mentioned below to enable Two Factor [2-Step verification] authentication on Gmail.

Step1: Login
Login to your Gmail account.

Step2: Settings
After login into Gmail, navigate to “Manage your Google Account” as shown below in the image.


Step3: Security
Navigate to the “Security” settings and then go to the “2-Step verification” to enable it. Refer to the image below.


Step4: Manage Settings
When you will click “2-Step verification” it will take you to the next page, click “Manage settings” as shown below in the image.

Gmail_Manage Settings

Step5: Login Credentials
Once you click the “Manage settings” in Step4, it will take you to the login page. Login to your Gmail account using your Gmail credentials.


Step6: Register Details
Enter the details for the 2-Step verification, provide and verify your mobile number through OTP [Refer to the image below, since 2F authentication was already enabled for the account hence it is showing “TURN OFF” but in your case you will see “TURN ON“] .


Now your Gmail account is registered for 2-Step verification and every time you will log in to your Gmail account you will have to verify the access either by putting OTP received through SMS or authenticating via mobile authenticator.


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