Address Verification Of Google AdSense Account


Google Adsense account requires verifying the billing address. Google Adsense is used to show advertisements on your blog or website to generate revenue. Prerequisites for the address Verification are as below

  • Your Adsense account should be approved.
  • You must have a valid publisher IP.
  • Your identity verification must be already verified.
  • You have reached the thershold value.

You will be given 3 attempts to put the right PIN in the Google Adsense account and verify your billing address. Three consecutive submissions of the wrong PIN will stop ads on your website and you will have to contact the AdSense support team to get your AdSense account unlocked.


1. If PIN has been received

Step1: Login
Login to your adsense account.

Step2: Verify
Click “VERIFY” to proceed further. As shown below in the image.

google adsense PIN

Step3: Add PIN & Submit
Put the 6 digits PIN in your AdSense account and click “Submit“.

adding PIN google

2. If PIN is NOT Received

You have three attempts to ask for the PIN if you have not received the PIN already sent to you in a given time interval. The same PIN will be sent to your address for the next three times. As per Google, it takes 2-4 weeks to receive the PIN. This can vary depending upon the country and location. So you could request the new PIN after two weeks and the address has to be verified within 4 months from the date of the first PIN sent to you.

Step1: Re-Request
If you have not received the PIN then try “Resend PIN” to get the PIN sent again to your address. You could use “Resend PIN” three times only.

Resend PIN

Step2: Ask for Help
If you have already requested 3 times for your PIN and you have not received yet then apply for help. Click the three dots and go for the help as shown below in the image.

adsense pin help

Step3: PIN Troubleshooter
Navigate to the PIN troubleshooter as shown below & follow the instructions.


Step4: Form
Fill in all details and attach a Govt. approved address proof to verify the billing address.


Step5: Upload Document
Upload scan copy of a government approved address proof document. Click “Submit” to process further.



You will receive an email from Google and after some time if your submitted document is accepted by Google then you will receive a confirmation email. Refer to the image shown below.


A confirmation email will be sent by Google that your PIN has been verified and now please choose a payment mode. After selecting the payment mode the AdSense is fully set now to receive payments.

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Source: Google, Lab, Knowledge Base


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