Black Screen Issue Over Video Call On Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams or also known as MS Teams is leading the communication medium in many organizations in recent days. It provides many features where you could create teams, Channel group etc. Video calling feature is also one of the best features of Microsoft Teams. But lately, it has been found the in some cases the Video of the far end during a video call become a black screen whereas you could see your preview during the video call.


It has been observed lately that in some cases during a video call the video of the far end users become blank or black and we can not see the videos. At the same time, we could see our preview. This is a known issue in MS [Microsoft] Teams and we will discuss the solution to the issue here in this article. A small change in the MS Teams app would resolve the issue.


A detailed stepwise method is mentioned below. Follow the steps shown below to resolve the issue.

Step1: MS Teams Settings
Navigate to Settings of MS teams. Follow the steps as shown below in the image.

In the upgraded MS Teams application we can get the “Settings” options by clicking the three dots as shown below in the image.

Step2: Navigate To “General
After entering into Settings you will be on “General” settings and here, enable the option “Disable GPU hardware acceleration” if it is not checked yet as shown below in the image.

Step3: Quit MS Teams
Close MS Teams chat and also quit the application from Icon Tray as shown below in the image.

Step4: Refresh
Refresh on the desktop and if possible restart your computer and test a video call. The black screen issue during the video call should have been resolved now.

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