Ubiquiti Unifi Default Username Password

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v2, Last Updated: 26-May-2024

Make: Ubiquiti
Model: Ubiquiti Controller or Unifi Access Point [UAP-nanoHD]
Description: In this article, we will discuss the Unifi default password which is the default for Ubiquiti Unifi Controller, Ubiquiti Unifi access points. It can be used for setting up the Ubiquiti controller and Unifi access point with default Username & Password

Controller Setup

If you have new Ubiquiti wireless access points and you are looking to set them up, you would need to set up the Ubiquiti controller first. The controller can be set up locally or at a remote site. It could be on a local laptop or desktop or maybe somewhere in the data centre so that all access points would be managed at one location under one controller interface.

Once the controller is fully set up below is the screenshot of the controller login page.

Password setup

During setting up the controller you would need to install the Ubiquiti Controller software and after the successful installation of the software, you would need to set up the password.

Note: once the software is installed it will ask to set up a new password.

Set username and password and it is highly recommended to keep the username and password somewhere safely either on online secure password manager or at any safe place which can be accessed easily as you would need to login to the page many times and you will be thankful to yourself that you have saved the password earlier.

Username & Password

Another scenario is when we need to log in to unify access points via SSH. So when we try to SSH access point we need a username and password. Here we could have two situations

When the unifi access point, security gateway or switches have not been adopted yet by the controller and we want to SSH the access point. So before the adoption of the access point, unifi security gateway, Unifi switches or any Ubiquiti Unifi network devices, the default username and password for the Unifi network devices would be

username = ubnt
password = ubnt

For the new devices like UXG Pro and other Unifi Gateways, below is the default username and password.

username = root
password = ubnt

For the other Unifi devices the default username and password are as below

username = ui
password = ui

For the new Unifi gateways and consoles, below is the combination of password

username = root
password = ui

If the access point is already adopted by the controller and we want to SSH the access point then at the time of adoption controller generates a password for save it in the controller. Please refer SSH Ubiquiti access point to know the steps of how to ssh access point after adopted by the controller.

If you are unable to get the password or the default password is not working you might need to Factory Reset Ubiquiti Unifi Access Point. Please refer to the article how to reset the access point to factory default.

Source: Knowledge Base, Lab, Ubiquiti


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