SPAN or Port Mirroring On Ubiquiti Unifi USG Switches

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Make: Ubiquiti
Model: Ubiquiti Unifi Switches, USG 16,24,48 ports switches, PoE or PoE+ or Non PoE
Mode: GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Version: 5.8.24
Description: In this article, we will discuss a detailed stepwise method to configure SPAN or Port Mirroring on Ubiquiti Unifi USG Switch. This configuration is valid for all models of USG Switches.


Port mirroring is also known as SPAN. SPAN stands for Switched Port Analyzer. Port Mirroring or SPAN is configured to mirror the traffic to monitor the network. It is quite a commonly used method to copy the data/packets of the switch to a dedicated SPAN port which generally connects to a monitoring system. This monitoring system is used to monitor the network traffic.


Step1: Login
Login into the Unifi Controller using ID and password. You could use the Default Unifi Username & Password if it is not set already.

Step2: Navigate to Devices
After login into the controller navigate to “Devices” to access the switch as shown below in the image.

Step3: Access Interface
Select the switch and navigate to the port/interface which you want to configure as Port Mirroring.

Step4: Port Configuration
Navigate to “edit” tab on the interface and then move to “Profile Overrides“.

  • Step4.1: Click the “Profile Overrides” to configure the port or interface.

  • Step4.2: Select the option “Mirroring”. By default, it remains in “Switching”.

  • Step4.3: Select the mirroring port, it’s the port whose traffic we want to monitor (it could be, Uplink to the router or firewall or other switch)

  • Step4.4: Set the link speed as per requirement e.g. auto, 100 full or 10 half etc.

  • Step4.5: Click “Apply” to execute the changes.

In this way, you could configure the SPAN or Port mirroring on the Ubiquiti Unifi switches.

Like the Unifi Switches, SPAN or Port Mirroring On Dell or Cisco Switches can be configured. Refer to the linked article to know the steps of configuration. Did you Install SSL certificate on the Ubiquiti controller? To get the SSL certificate from Certificate Authority you would need to share CSR with them. Generate CSR On Ubiquiti for SSL certificate is easy and explained in the article.

Source: Knowledge Base, Lab, Ubiquiti


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