Adding a New Site On Ubiquiti Unifi Controller

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Make: Ubiquiti
Model: Ubiquiti Unifi Controller
Mode: GUI [Graphical User Interface]
Version: 6.5.55
Description: In this article, we will discuss a detailed stepwise method of how to create or add a new site on the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller.

There are two basic ways to manage different Unifi locations.

  1. As you have done install an Unifi Controller locally at each site and invite the same UI account to administer both. You just need to set each controller up using what you have done before.
  2. Or use one Unifi Controller at one of the sites, or even run in a hosted environment separate from any location. To do this you need, especially if you are deploying USGs to each location, create a new Site.

We will discuss here how to add a new site on the Centralized Ubiquiti Unifi Controller.


Step1: Login
Login to the Unifi Controller using the username and password. If have forgotten the password then you could try Ubiquiti Unifi Default Username Password.


Step2: Add New Site
Click the site icon and navigate to “Add New Site“. Follow the steps as shown below in the image.


Step3: Site Name
Add the site name and then click “Submit” (as shown below in the image).


Step4: Site Configuration
Once the site is added to the controller, now configure the additional details like timezone, country, language, etc. Follow the steps shown below in the image.


Step5: Maintenance Configuration
Scroll down below and configure the Site “Maintenance” as per your requirement.


Step6: Application Configuration
Configure Mail Server, SSH Authentication, NTP, etc in the ‘Application Configuration” page, you could access the page by scrolling down the site configuration page.


Step7: Administration
Configure admin accounts for the site for management, admin roles, etc on the Administration page.


New Site is added to the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller. You could now start adopting the devices at the site.

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Source: Knowledge Base, Lab, Ubiquiti


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