Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless Solution Review

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This article is purely based on the author’s knowledge, Lab results, study, and internet details. The author did some study on Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless solution and hence wanted to share details here for others who have not used Ubiquiti yet and interested in switching to Ubiquiti products. This article is NEITHER SPONSORED and NOT ENDORSING anyone.

We will discuss here the Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless Solution on the below-mentioned parameters
1. Products
2. Pricing
3. Performance
4. Management
5. Support


There are various wifi products available now. The good news is that Unifi also provides Wi-Fi 6. You could find the products and their datasheet on Unifi Portal. The Unifi 6 Long Range Access Points [U6 LR] is really good. Also, UniFi nanoHD Access Point [UAP-nanoHD] is a great product. As of today, Unifi provides 2 years default warranty on all products purchased online in India, and also shipping is FREE in India. You could find the Unifi default username and password with the product manual.


If you will compare the price of Unifi products with Cisco and other leading Wireless solution OEM, Unifi products are really cheap. The plus point is, you could buy extra Ubiquiti hardware to counter the hardware failure situation rather than purchasing expensive support from other manufacturers like Cisco, Aruba, Dell, etc. Prices of various Ubiquiti Unifi products can be also found at Unifi Portal.


I am personally using Unifi and I can say the performance of Unifi Wireless products is really good. Fortunately, we did not face any major issues, hardware failure, etc with the Unifi Wireless System. The range, coverage, and stability are really impressive.


Management of the Unifi Wireless Systems is quite easy. Also, the User Interface is very much informative which contains almost all the details. The configuration & Firmware Upgrade of the Unifi Controller and connecting access points with the controller is also easy. Apart from the enterprise SSID setup you could set up a guest portal and allow guests to access the internet via voucher based login. You could SSH onto Unifi Access Points to make changes. You could easily Factory Reset Ubiquiti Unifi Access Point. The dashboard of the Unifi Controller looks like below.

Unifi Dashboard


Unifi has its support system and also the community to discuss the issues someone is facing. Though they do not have any TAC support like Cisco. It will be great if they could open 24×7 technical support on-call and/or remote support. It does not have support like Cisco SNTC or Dell Pro 24×7, 4 hours premium support but still, they have quite a nice community to discuss the issues, vulnerability, and other topics.

Overall if you compare the pricing, performance, reliability, stability of Unifi devices with other expensive Cisco, Dell, Aruba etc, you will find its value for money. These are really good for small or medium-sized businesses. Refer to linked articles Ubiquiti Unifi Access Points Firmware Upgrade Failed & Ubiquiti Unifi Access Point INFORM ERROR if you are having issues.

Source: Knowledge Base, Lab, Ubiquiti


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