Check & Confirm SIP Status on Voice Gateway

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Make: Cisco
Device: Cisco Voice Gateway
Telecom: SIP
Description: In this article, we will discuss and show a stepwise method of how to check and confirm the SIP status on a Cisco Voice Gateway. If anyone is using the ISDN line then do not forget to refer to the article to know what does it mean when TEI_ASSIGNED Status shows on Voice Gateway.

Understanding SIP

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. With SIP, Voice over Internet Protocol is possible. You can run your voice calls, video calls, and instant messaging through an internet-based VoIP phone service provider. SIP calling will transform the quality of your business phone system while bringing its cost down. In order to control the SIP based call, communication is sent over the control channel and the most popular number for this is Port 5060.

SIP Status On Voice Gateway

To check and ensure the SIP Status on the Cisco Voice Gateway follow the steps mentioned below.

Step1: SSH onto Voice Gateway
SSH onto the Voice Gateway using putty.

SSH 10.1

Step2: Login
Login into the Voice Gateway using username and password.

login as:admin
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.

Step3: SIP Status
Check the SIP status using the command below.

edledge-vg#sh sip register status
Line peer expires(sec) reg survival P-Associ-URI
========== ======= ============= ===== ========= =============
EDLEDGE$!P -1 41 yes normal

The outcome shows that SIP is registered. In case the SIP is not registered then you will see the outcome as shown below.

edledge-vg#sh sip register status
Line peer expires(sec) reg survival P-Associ-URI
========== ======= ============= ===== ========= =============
EDLEDGE$!P -1 41 no normal

This is really important to be aware of the SIP status if you are having issues in calling so that troubleshooting or remedy will get started soon. If SIP is not registered check with the service provider and also it is worth testing the status after rebooting the Voice Gateway once.

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Source: Cisco, Lab, Knowledge Base


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