How To Digitally Sign a Microsoft Word Document



It’s the old days when we used to manually sign a document using a pen. Today is an era of technology and with continuous improvements, it is now easy and recommended to sign documents digitally. To sign a Microsoft word document digitally you would need a valid certificate installed on your computer and signature settings properly configured. Here we will discuss how to digitally sign a word document using a signature line. You could also add an Invisible Digital Signature To a Microsoft Word Document.

This digital signature method is valid for the Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, 2016 and O365 using your signing certificate.

Add Digital Signature Using a Signature Line

Step1: Select Space
Open your MS word document and click the place where you want to add digital signature.


Step2: Signature Line Setup
On the word ribbon, click “Insert” and then “Signature Line” as shown below in the image


Step3: Signature Setup
A pop-up will be opened, fill in the details and click “OK“. You could also leave it blank and click “OK” to proceed further.


Step4: Signature Line
Once the signature setup is completed and as soon as “OK” is clicked, you could see the image shown below. “Double Click” the signature line.


Step5: Signing
Once you double click in the last step, you will see a pop-up, add your name and if you want to select an image of your manual signature then click “Select Image” to add your signature image file.


Step6: Signature image
If you have selected to add your manual signature image then you will see the pop-up to add the signature image file. You could sign the document without adding a signature image.


Step7: Validation
Once you click “Sign” in step 5, you will see a pop-up to authenticate your certificate by putting your PIN.


Step8: Confirmation
Once you will enter your correct PIN and press “OK” in the previous step, you will see the confirmation pop-up as shown below.


Your Microsoft word document is digitally signed now. Remember “If the document is changed, your signature will become invalid and you will have to sign it again“.

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